Finding the sweet spot

Most companies want to say they work sustainably, but there’s a difference between saying and doing. It’s not enough to put a Sustainability button on your website and assume everything is fine. At BUBS, we try to make the world a better place, in both word and deed. Not because we have to, but because we want to.

We put our energy into the right things

Making candy is an energy-intensive process. Therefore, we have a responsibility to make it as efficient as possible. Thanks to major environmental investments in our factory such as solar cells and pellet burners, we can significantly reduce our emissions of harmful greenhouse gases. The ingredients are also sourced from proven suppliers offering high-quality products and logistics. For us, it’s important that all our manufacturing and transportation is considerate to the world we live in, while getting things done in a quick and rational way.

A completely vegan assortment

All of our candy is completely free of gelatine and other animal additives. The right texture and chewiness can still be achieved. All of our candy is, of course, free from AZO colors and palm oil. We simply want as many people as possible to enjoy our candy. And they do!

Fairtrade is the right thing

All the candy we sell in bags is Fairtrade certified.* This means a variety of positive things. Above all, the Fairtrade mark means that when you buy our bags of candy, you’re actively contributing to making life a little better for the people who make them. In other words, the goal is for people to have fairer working and living conditions. Our work with Fairtrade is based on an ongoing process and we constantly evaluate the things we do, in terms of how we can counteract poverty and injustice in general.

*Candy with Fairtrade certified sugar.

Reusable molds

We use cornstarch molds. What does this mean? Well, it means that an impression of the candy is first pressed into flat sheets of cornmeal. This makes the perfect molds for our molten candy to be poured into. The cornstarch is reused and new candy can be made from it again and again. Smart, right? It’s a breakthrough for us.

Candy and sugar – striking a good balance

At BUBS, we have a very Swedish attitude to sugar consumption. When it comes to eating candy, “just right” is best. We don’t recommend eating 7 kilos of sweets a day. We do recommend that you brush your teeth, floss and remain as active as you can. But it’s not wrong to crave a little candy once in a while. 

Children will take over the world

We were all children once. Many of us who work at BUBS have children of different ages. Therefore, as a matter of course, we do everything we can to support children’s rights. The voices of children are just as important as the voices of adults. BUBS is, therefore, a proud silver sponsor of BRIS. As well as BRIS, we also sponsor a number of youth associations and sports events that focus on children and families, such as Team Rynkeby.

Svensk Miljöbas

Diplomas for shot putting and environmental work

We have quite a few diplomas on our walls. The best, apart from the one for shot putting in 1972, is our environmental diploma. We have been environmentally certified for a long time and it’s one of many ways that we actively contribute to making the world a better place. Our environmental certification is connected to the national environmental management standard – The Swedish Environmental Base.

With the power of the sun and skull

BUBS Candy is a proud sponsor of the JU Solar Team. The reason? First and foremost, we believe in making the world a better place by investing in sustainable energy sources. That’s why we chose the team from Jönköping University. Secondly, we like sunshine. The team of 25 students are building a vehicle to compete in the world’s largest competition for solar-powered cars – The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.