Is your candy gelatin-free and vegan?

Yes! All of our products are completely free from gelatin and other animal derived ingredients. Over the years, we have gradually removed the gelatin from our products. The red food colorant E120 that used to be in some of our products has been replaced with a plant based alternative several years ago.

Where can I buy candy from BUBS?

Our candy can be bought in most major retail chains and many independent stores throughout Sweden. We also export to other Nordic countries and other parts of the world.

As a vegetarian or vegan, can I eat your candy?

All our packaged sweets are vegan, as is all our foam soft candy. Most of our jelly candy is vegan – but, to be on the safe side, please check the ingredients!

Where is your candy made?

It’s manufactured in a place called Torsvik, a.k.a Thor’s Bay, just south of Jönköping.

Where does the name BUBS come from?

The founders, Bernt, Ulrik, Birgitta and Stefan Lindström took the initials of their first names and created the name BUBS.

Can I buy candy direct from the factory?

Not anymore, we now just supply stores. Sorry!

Where can I buy Hallonlakritsskalleglögg (Alcohol- free mulled wine, flavored with BUBS’ Raspberry and Licorice Skulls)?

Just like our Raspberry and Licorice Skulls, it can be bought in most Swedish chain stores. However, it tends to sell out quickly around Christmas. The mulled wine is made by Saturnus.

Are your products Fairtrade Certified?

All bagged candy from BUBS Godis contain Fairtrade certified sugar. Our pick and mix are not Fairtrade certified.

What’s the meaning of life?

It’s a pretty big question. Some say the answer is 42. We say, it’s probably having fun and enjoying candy.

When was BUBS founded?


Does your candy contain palm oil?

No, our candy is completely free of palm oil.

Where can I find allergy information?

Here on the site, under each product, is information about what our candy does and doesn’t contain. For more general information about allergies and what may trigger a reaction, we recommend you contact your doctor, pharmacy or check online.

Can I catch Covid-19 from pick and mix candy?

COVID-19 is a disease spreading from person to person and respiratory droplets. According to the World Health Organization, there’s no evidence to suggest people will get infected by swallowing the virus in food.