Salty Skull

Jelly candy, salty liquorice


If you’re a fan of Sweden’s and Finland’s national flavor, salty liquorice, this is definitely something for you. And if you’re a fan of skulls in general, you won’t be disappointed. This is a dream for every liquorice-lover. Saltskalle (Swedish for salty skull) is available in two sizes. One bag is reasonably large and the other one is huge. The only way to make them smaller is to eat them all.

Every piece of candy in our bags are Fairtrade certified, and free from gelatine and other animal additives.

Fairtrade Vegan

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Sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, cornstarch, water, ammonium chloride, liquorice, salt, flavours, colours (E153)

Nutrition facts per 100g:
Energy 1354 kj/323 kcal
Fat 0g
-of which saturated 0g
Carbohydrates 81g
-of which sugars 43g
Protein 0,1g
Salt 0,3g


Article number:
8166 (90g), 8148 (190g)

Number of bags/ package:
16, 14