Sometimes things don't turn out as expected

There are things more amusing in life than handling reclamations – both for you as a customer and for us at BUBS – although, few things are of equal importance to us. If your product is unsatisfactory in any way, we want to know to be able to tend to the matter. This is also within your rights as a customer and consumer, no matter if you purchase our candy by the pallet or as an everyday-treat. Obviously, flavour is a matter of personal preference so please be a bit more descriptive than simply stating the fact that you don’t appreciate the taste of licorice. On the other hand, if your sweet licorice were to taste like the salty ones do, it’s a problem. Be as detailed as you possibly can when filling out the form below. In that way, we can handle your matter as swiftly and simple as possible to be able to get back to you and find the source of your problem.

Reclaim form

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