Display solutions

Boost your chocolate skulls

BUBS chocolate products can be displayed on distinguishable stands. Just find the best place in your store and the chocolate will magically disappear. It’s obviously not real magic, just great marketing. Our way of displaying the Chokskalle series in guaranteed to turn heads and boost sales. Every stand contains 160 chocolate bars (51 g) with all three flavors. For tailor made display solutions please contact BUBS for more information.

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Product name:
Chokskalle floor display

Article number:
5631 (160 chocolate bars 51  g – 80 Hallon/Lakrits, 40 Banan/Kola, 40 Jordgubb/Kola)

How many display solutions are there?
Well, how long is a rope? That’s impossible to answer. Just contact us if you want to boost your sales.