Salty Rombs

Imagine if Pythagoras had eaten Salty Rombs, perhaps the world would be a different place. Chances are that he would not have come up with his famous theorem. We think we did the world a favor when we waited 2500 years before introducing this treat.

This piece of candy is free from gelatine and other animal additives.

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Product name:
Salta Romber

Article number carton:
17011, 4 kg

Sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, food starch modified (from corn), water, ammonium chloride, liquorice, salt, colors: E153, glazing agent (coconut oil, carnaubawax), flavor.

Nutrition information per 100g:
Energy 1339 kj/320 kcal
Fat 0,2 g
-of which saturated 0,2 g
Carbonhydrated 80 g
-of which sugars 45 g
Protein 0,1 g
Salt 0,7 g

For vegans: